You've planned your wedding...let us help you enjoy it!

A Paper Flower Wedding

At A Paper Flower Wedding we specialize in 'Day-Of' coordinating. We work exclusively with couples who have decided, for any number of reasons, to plan their own wedding. Whether it is because you have always dreamed of your wedding day and wanted to totally immerse yourself in the process or simply to save on budget, we can help facilitate the day you have worked so hard to plan.

These days a wedding can be as unique as the couple getting married or as traditional as you have always imagined. We offer a variety of 'Day-Of' packages that will suit most budgets and needs. From a final month+ coordination to a simple rehearsal & ceremony coordination package. 

Our goal is to listen to you, gain a complete understanding of what you want on your wedding day, and help bring your vision to life!

While planning your wedding, have you ever just wished you could clone yourself?!

Wouldn't that be nice! Your clone could handle all the details...make sure the vendors are doing what you hired them to do, set up the ceremony props, cue the music for the ceremony, make sure the best man still has the rings in his pocket before the walk down the aisle...all while you are relaxing, getting ready, and actually enjoying your wedding day. Well, since cloning is currently not an option, thankfully, hiring a day-of coordinator is! 

At A Paper Flower Wedding our mission is to 'be your clone' on your wedding day. You plan it, we run it. We will meet with you in the weeks prior to your wedding so you can thoroughly educate us as to the vision for your day. We will listen to you, take detailed notes, re-confirm, and coordinate the day you have so carefully planned. This will allow you to focus on what really matters on your wedding day...getting married to the one you love and having fun!

We are here to support you and your vision. ​​