Sarah Greathouse

Owner & Operator

Meet Your Coordinator

That's me, no, not the bride, the little one with the cake. This was my first wedding and also one of my earliest memories. I remember such a feeling of excitement about this day. Getting to wear a fancy dress, seeing all the beautiful decorations, and seeing my first wedding cake. I was so young but I knew, this day...was special. The bride noticed how in awe I was with the huge, beautiful cake, and she gave me the first piece. Talk about making a kid feel special! That was it; I was hooked on weddings.

Throughout my life I have always been drawn to event planning. In 6th grade I was named the class's 'Organizational Guru' for always organizing all the class & school events. In high school I was on all the special event planning teams. Dances, fund raisers, prom, you name it. Once my friends started getting married, I was always there to lend a hand and after college, I decided to give it a try professionally. Shortly after planning my own DIY wedding in 2007, I was hired by a luxury four diamond resort as an assistant event planner. Within six months I was promoted to a full coordinator handling weddings, banquets, and all catering functions. I loved it! I had found my calling. After a few additional years working on the corporate conference side of things I decided to focus solely on weddings and start my own coordination business. And here we are!

This is me today...and I still love cake!

A Paper Flower Wedding